Echidna in the Vineyard

Echidna in the Vineyard

There is quite a bit of native wildlife around the vineyard.  Lots of birds of course, including Eagles, Black Cockatoos, parrots and kookaburra’s to name a few.   Kangaroos browse the grass between the vines and Wombats create havoc digging holes between the vines.   We will post a photo of one of the the monster holes in a future post.

The other day an Echidna made a run for it in front of the tractor and Matt took a few photo’s on his phone.  In his words “boy they can move fast when they want to”.

No Echidna was harmed of course.  Matt always makes sure the wildlife have made it safely out of the way.  Which is difficult when they decide the best sort of defense is to dig in!