Smaller Weddings

Smaller Weddings – is it possible?

Weddings can be minefield of politics, especially when trying to work out who to invite.    But don’t just keep adding names to the list, there are many great reasons to have a smaller wedding.

You will hear many couples exclaim after their wedding day that they just didn’t have time to get around and talk to everyone.  Or they spent their entire reception having two or three words with each person and no time for them to eat, drink, dance or enjoy themselves.

A large crowd can leave you without a moment to just enjoy of one of the most special days of your lives.   Picture instead a more intimate gathering of only your very closest family and friends.



You get to spend a nice amount of time with each of them, and still have time to enjoy the delicious meal you have selected, have a drink and a dance.



Your wedding budget

Of course you have probably already worked out that a smaller wedding can be beneficial to your budget.  Smaller numbers either allows you to keep your budget down or allows you to spend your money on other things, such as more for the dress, the honeymoon or just being able to afford better quality for your smaller crowd.  The spend for a larger crowd may see your budget stretched and you are forced to opt for the “not quite as nice as I would have liked it” choice .  Cutting you numbers may allow you to select the “wow that is amazing” menu or more courses.

There are always a few things you really would like to spend some money on, but you may find it hard to justify.  With a smaller wedding you will have a bit more in the budget for you to spend on those things that are important to you, be it the entertainment, decorations or flowers.

What about the venue.

You have to have larger numbers to get the really good one don’t you?  While some venues do not welcome smaller weddings and have a minimum number that may require you to invite half of Melbourne, that isn’t necessarily the case for all venues.  Venues that have a smaller minimum number do exist and they are just as beautiful.
In some cases the minimum numbers for a Saturday night may exclude you, but if you are willing to consider a midweek or a Sunday then they may accept smaller numbers.

Some of the smaller venues may not be as well known or advertised.  So try looking at the venues on page 2 and 3 of your google search.  Websites such as WedShed have a number of places that are not your traditional wedding venue but do have weddings.  And if you happen accross a lovely historic home, winery or accomodation place, ask if they host weddings.  They may not advertise it, but they just might have the occasional wedding.

At Bulong Estate Winery our venue is perfect for a smaller wedding, with minimum numbers of only 40 people.  You have the entire Estate all to yourselves, the venue, the garden and the entire vineyard.  The result is an intimate gathering in a perfectly sized venue with a huge and spectacular vista around you of garden, vineyard and mountains.    Your smaller wedding may be seating for 50 of your closest family and friends, enjoying a delicious three course meal.  Or it may be non-seated cocktail style, with 80 of your friends and family enjoying finger food and dancing the night away.


So don’t be afraid to keep the numbers smaller and keep looking around for that perfect venue that will allow you to enjoy your wedding day just the way you want it.